Colin Edwards tossing T shirts into the crowd.

Colin Edwards and his T shirt gun ...

... which needed some adjustsments apparently.

Spencer and Doohan outside the Red Bull hospitality suite.

Freddie Spencer signing autographs while Mick Doohan held forth.

Freddie Spencer and Mick Doohan's watch.

Max Biaggi turning his back on the fans.

Max Biaggi shortly before he ignored a request for an autograph.

Sete Gibernau.

Randy Mamola.

Barros' leathers hanging out to dry.

Gibernau's leathers hanging out to dry.

Team Yamaha personnel.

Team Roberts' wheels.

Repsol Honda's wheels.

Gauloises Yamaha fairings getting a bath.

The communal parts washing area.

This all seems a bit low-rent ...

OK, those of you have never been hassled by any sort of officialdom, all two of you %-), you can skip this and the next one.

This is Mick Doohan, 5-time World Champion, being yelled at by a security guard who obviously had no idea who he was berating. Mick's transgression? Walking into a restricted area!

A Man Duh SBK, the next big thing.

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