Sports Car Club of America
 San Francisco Region
  Solo2 Championship Series, 2000
   Round 12, Marina Airport, Marina, CA, 23 July 2000

Bryan Nemy, our safety steward, looking very safe on grid.

Reynaldo Esteban from Reedley, CA.

The results say this is a Prelude. What?!

Bret Norgaard from Fresno, CA on his first run. This was a fun run, but the time would have been good enough to win CSP by over 2 seconds!

Bret on his second run. Unfortunately the car blew up later on in this run.

Steve Sherwood from Fremont, CA. I wonder how his power-to-weight compare to a Civic?

Corey Smith, the CSP points leader. Are those blue S4's a dime a dozen or what?

Don Ebaugh, the CSP winner today. Don was so fast he's just a blur. %-)

Dennis McLaughlin from Union City, CA. No, it's not an S4.

Maggy Kelly from Pleasanton, CA. Russ Bowlus, who drives a similar car, would say that the antenna up has got to cost her at least 2 seconds. But it doesn't matter. Maggy is so fast she won Street Tire Ladies anyway.
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