Tahiti people, June 2006

The people of Tahiti are about 80% Polynesian. The remaining are equal numbers of Chinese and French. [1]

Travelers must, by necessity, spend a certain amount of time waiting for planes or trains or boats.

The anticipation is probably about the same for tourists or locals.

Unless of course you are awaiting transport for medical reasons!


Stereotypes about short attention span aside, the only ones who seem to be enjoying the wait are the little ones.


Street scenes in Uturoa, on Raiatea island.



Going for a walk around the island is the best way to meet the locals.

On the Raiatea ring road ...

... South of Marae Taputapuatea.


Scooters are common, rain ...

... or shine.



Anytime is a good time to stop for a chat.

Making leis for the next day's arrivals.


Late afternoon on the docks in Papeete, a break dancing DVD draws a crowd.

Break dancing,
solarized in Photoshop.
(animated GIF, 473KB.)

Break dancing
(animated GIF, 556KB.)

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