Scenery, French Polynesia, June 2006

Some of this may be a bit of a visual cliché. Others ... hopefully less so. :-)

With 118 islands large and small spread out across an expanse of ocean the size of Europe, visitors without lots of time should expect to do a certain amount of flying. On the left is a Twin Otter leaving Tahiti bound for Moorea. On the right, an ATR Turboprop approaching Raiatea.

The lagoons of the Society Islands. Below left and center: Moorea. Below right: Maupiti.

Left: lagoon-side road on Maupiti. This stretch of road is surfaced with crushed coral.

Right: dairy farm upcountry in Tahiti Iti.


Low rider in Tahiti Nui.

The welcome wagon on Motu Tiapaa, Maupiti.


Three successive views of sunrise on the lagoon of Maupiti.


Fishing on the lagoon at dusk, Maupiti.


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