Getting around Easter Island, May 2006

Even though Easter Island is only about 20 kilometers across, at its widest, the human need for locomotion is ever present. Here are ways in which the locals satisfy this need.

As usual, the authorities have the best equipment.

The tourists are not far behind. This is a rental 4x4. Side note: every car has one, just as the philosopher pointed out in the movie Repo Man.

Sometimes transportation devices are used to transport other transportation devices...

... or they can be ultra-minimalist.

This funky little number is also a rolling advert for Cafe Raa, where one will find the best espresso in town!

Not much room for a "Hang up and drive!" sticker here...

Petrol costs 530 CLP per liter.

Note the blue sticker above the rear wheel.

Same bike, a few days later.

Eye protection is important, especially on dirt roads.

If motorized wheels are out of reach, human power is affordable.

When nothing else is available, one's own feet are always reliable.

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