Cusco, Peru, May 2000
Kitchen at soup restaurant, 48KB

We had breakfast at this "typical" soup place in Cusco. Its specialty is sheep's head soup. I stood on a stool in corner of the kitchen for these pictures.
Kitchen panorama, 114KB

This is a panorama of two shots stitched together with Micrografx Picture Publisher. The roll of tissue in the seņor's hand is for table settings. Each diner gets one square and a battered spoon.
Stock pot, 41KB

Early morning light through a frosted glass window.
Cusco pedestrian, 68KB

Street scene near the Coricancha.
Powaqqatsi, coming, 73KB

There is a scene from Powaqqatsi where a giant truck rumbled past a small child walking alongside a dusty road.
Powaqqatsi, going, 71KB

These Coca Cola stands don't move at all, but somehow I keep thinking of that scene ...
Cusco main square, 39KB

Plaza de Armas, the main square in Cusco. The rainbow flag on the left is the Inca flag. It wasn't raining; the stones are just worn very smooth. I put my camera on the ground, and propped up the front of the lens barrel with my wallet. I tripped the shutter using the self-timer, to minimize camera shake. The exposure was about 4 seconds. A street urchin stopped by at 2 seconds into it to ask for money.
Lamoids of various kinds and ages, 79KB

The taxonomy of these animals were hotly debated. The proprietress of the gift shop assured us they are a vicuņa, a llama, and an alpaca, left to right. Our tour guide, 72 and full of piss and vinegar, thought she's full of it.
  Tourist trap, 62KB

This picture cost me 5 soles (2 each for the big kids, 1 for the little kid,) but they seem like nice kids. And the parrot didn't demand a tip.
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