Urcos, Peru, May 2000
Llamas in the market, 78KBi

Unlike the llamas we saw in Cusco, these are not for show.
Llama closeup, 62KB

Here's a late model beauty in the farmers' parking lot.
Urcos pedestrian, 78KB

However, not everybody got to market the old fashioned way. In the background of this picture is an intercity bus.
Taxi, 53KB

For short hops, there are also these tricycle taxis. One hundred and twenty five cc's of Soichiro Honda's best... I wonder how long the clutch lasts.
Medicine woman, 76KBi

This merchant's main line is herbal medicines, but for times when that won't do, she will also sell you whatever you need to make an offering to the gods of your choice.
Fruit woman, 86KB

Those are pommes in the foreground. We're just not sure if they are de terre or not.
Potatoes, 72KB

These are papas ('taters) for sure. The Incas were great botanists. They developed many varieties of potatoes.
Corn, 29KB

This is corn, but note the similarity in colors.
Another Urcos pedestrian, 59KB

Unlike in Cusco, people here don't expect a tip if you take their picture.
Election advertisement, 85KB

Is this emblematic of something? You see a lot of mixed political messages like this: one party's advertisement painted on top of the opposition's.
The market at Urcos, 227KB

Here's how the whole scene looked from the steps of the cathedral.
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